Personalized Education for Your Child

A tuition-free, public school program for grades K-12 tailored to the unique needs of each student.

Tech Trep Academy – A Program within Public Schools

Welcome to Tech Trep Academy, powered by My Tech High. Since 2009, My Tech High has been building Public / Private Partnerships with innovative, accredited public schools to offer a personalized, tuition-free, distance education program for students. Our program aligns with national best-practices for online learning as well as with Stanford University’s researched-based ‘Social Innovation’ model which asserts that Public / Private partnerships are essential for creating high-quality, long-lasting, innovative practices.


In the state of Arkansas, Tech Trep Academy has partnered with Pulaski County Special School District through the Driven Academy program.  For the 2019-2020 school year, we can serve students residing within the PCSSD boundaries.   Students living within Little Rock School District may also request a school choice transfer until July 31, 2019.






Who We Are

We are a group of passionate parents, teachers, administrators, technologists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders focused on creating amazing educational experiences for every child.

Why We Are Different

Freedom of Choice

Develop a personalized learning program and tailor instruction based on the individual interests, needs, and skills of your child.

Our Providers

Select from a wide variety of providers to design a personalized education plan that meets the needs of your unique child.

Our Focus

Create an engaging environment where your child can feel motivated, challenged and joyful about learning!

Our Approach

Personalized Experience

When learning is personalized, children begin to take ownership of their learning and start developing the ability to solve problems that are relevant to their present and future success.  The uniqueness of each child drives the personalized education plan and creates an environment where children can thrive and develop patterns of success, confidence, and excellence.

Our children are not standard. It’s important to recognize each individual child’s strength and help them build upon what they want to pursue and learn in life.”

Matt Bowman

Founder & CEO, My Tech High

A Tuition-free, Public School Program for Students Ages 5-18

Students participating in the Tech Trep Academy distance education program are enrolled in a full-time, public school and are provided the resources needed to design a personalized learning plan.  Based on the needs and interests of each child, a customized, year-long schedule with 6-7 periods with both core and elective courses is created. Through personalized support from certified teachers, curriculum specialists, and mentors, students are enabled to progress through the program at their own pace with curriculum, courses, and activities tailored to their unique needs.

High-quality Curriculum and Certified Teachers

All students are supported by experienced, certified teachers and are provided unlimited access to school-approved curriculum in the four core subject areas:

  • Math
  • English / Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies

Electives Teach Real World Skills

In addition to core classes, students also have access to a wide variety of elective courses such as Java Programming, Game Design, Robotics, 3D Printing, and many more.

The elective courses are meant to align to the student’s interests, knowledge, and skills, prepare them for success in their future careers, and enable them to reach their full potential.

We Are Here to Help

Our administrators, teachers, tech mentors, and staff are available nearly around-the-clock to help answer any questions you or your student might have.


What People Say About Us

Thank you for the dedication you have to My Tech High and providing stellar learning resources and a fabulous tech environment. I am amazed at how my children have grown and jumped leaps and bounds in school. Your vision of what is possible has truly inspired me and introduced my children and me to all sorts of resources we didn’t know were possible. I thank God daily for all you do and all the families you are blessing! My kids LOVE learning and can’t get enough! And they want to thank you all and your team too! Bless you!”

Cheri (March, 2016)

Parent with 3 children in the program

We are ABSOLUTELY in love with schooling at home and so appreciative to the My Tech High program for making it so easy to choose THE BEST of THE BEST curriculum and supplies.

Much gratitude to you and your team.”

Stephanie (Sept, 2016)

Parent with 2 children in the program

The My Tech High program allows me to personalize and customize what I want to learn…so that I can prepare for my future all the better.”

The tech classes have been wonderful!  It has opened up doors and taught them things that they would never have pursued on their own.”

Overwhelmed with the idea of your child schooling at home? We can help!

Will my child be able to get into a good college?

Yes! Over the past 7 years, students from our program have successfully attended any college of their choice – including in state colleges, Stanford, Harvard, and everywhere in-between.

What if my child is not motivated to learn?

You’ll be amazed at what happens when a child is given the opportunity to experience a truly personalized education. Finding what works best for each child enables their natural love of learning to expand in ways you never thought possible.

How will my child learn important social skills?

Between field trips, community events, and parent-led activities, students of all ages in our program have so many opportunities to connect with other students that parents often have to actually LIMIT the time spent in group settings.

Additionally, students of any age can participate in extracurricular activities at their local district school.

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